2013.10.06.CD “中ザワヒデキ音楽作品コンサート” Release!

I’m pleased to announce that new CD is released from Meenna label. The works are composed by Japanese artist, Hideki Nakazawa. Yuji Takahashi played some of them by piano, and Sei, Junichiro Takana and I performed by voice at Kichijoji art museum last year. Meenna is a sister label of Ftarri. Meenna means “all”, Ftarri means “duo” in Japanese.

composed:中ザワヒデキ/Hideki Nakazawa
piano:高橋悠治/Yuji Takahashi
voice:sei, 河野円/Madoka Kouno, 田中淳一郎/Junichiro Tanaka

レーベル:Meenna – 777
税抜価格 1,500 円 (税込 1,575 円)

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